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Design Talk &
Lettering Workshop

For Design Professionals

Chandan Mahimkar’s immersive lettering workshop had a great response in his hometown of Mumbai. Meant for creative professionals at all levels...artists, designers and art directors eager to learn this art form attended with great enthusiasm and interest.

The full day workshop was a deep dive in to the art of lettering. Embracing the beauty of lettering to overcome a mundane tech-sans design approach. Participants learnt in-depth about lettering styles, along with learning the techniques of creating a world class hand lettered artwork with special focus on ligatures and composition. Chandan shared insights from his vast experience as a designer, letterer, typographer and creative director. He also revealed valuable learnings and secrets which helped participants understand the use of custom lettering and typography. More importantly the use of lettering and typography to add value to their graphic design projects and creativity.

Photography by: Nitin Sapkale

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