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Creative Career



A WEBINAR hosted for creatives, visual artists, designers, letterers, calligraphers, illustrators and photographers.


Thanking all the 51 creatives & visual artists who joined this Webinar on 15th August, 2020.
Write to us if you are interested to attend it in future.

Chandan Mahimkar shares his ‘10 Commandments’ to help build your creative freelance career or business. A successful freelance lifestyle needs a plan. Being your own boss needs a strong strategic approach. Remember that you need to thrive and not just survive.

This webinar is for you if you are planning to go solo or have already started on this path.
OR you are doing freelance for some time now but yet to find your unique voice and be successful at it. OR you may be currently working for some organisation, doing freelance as a side hustle and maybe thinking of starting on your own. OR you are a design student and want to start freelancing.


From managing a top Pan India design agency to running his own design studio, Chandan Mahimkar’s rich experience and deep insights will help you as a creative or a visual artist to learn ways in establishing your freelance career.

This webinar aims in helping you to:
- Become confident and express yourself
- Learn ways in becoming proactive
- Learn ways to create a professional & standout portfolio
- Learn ways to network and increase exposure
- Learn ways to pitch and manage clients
- Learn ways to manage your finances & well being
- Learn ways to value add in your life as well as client projects

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